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Drapers England was inspired by the art of manipulating fabric to create beautifully crafted garments.  Headed by Bespoke Tailor Matthew Wignall & Creative Brand Director Jamila Juma-Ware the dynamic duo have paid homage to design, fashion, culture and culinary trends, paying attention to the process of designing and creating innovative products that people could experience, enjoy and share – applying this in practice to our luxury spirit collection..

Draping is an artistic method of creating garments and describes the way on which fabric hangs. Draping allows the designer to envision the style and grace of a garment before it’s constructed.

After decades of studying the art of draping, we’ve applied the same fine art and detail to the art of recipe design and distilling. Weaving layers of aromatic botanicals, distilling in small batches and marrying the balance of the hand picked seasonal produce to deliver a well-rounded, award winning spirit, our Drapers collection embodies the masterful essence of craftsmanship, leaving a taste draped in pure elegance.







Every attention to detail has been paid in developing an exceptional taste and true experience for the senses, capturing craft, design and opulence.



From the design of the bottle that takes  inspiration from the pattern of a tailored lapel, to the depth of character each spirit holds our Master Distillers at Drapers England have produced a captivating and aromatic flavour journey.



Founders, and partners, Jamila and Matthew met in 2014 over rooftop G&T’s, which some may say is where their spirit infused adventure was born. They spent the next several years embarking on a global adventure, travelling the world and sparking inspiration for their business from some of the world’s most unique and outstanding cities.  

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Yorkshire born Bespoke Tailor, Matthew Wignall and Surrey born Marketing Director Jamila Juma-Ware launched their spirit-infused adventure by creating themed cocktail menus at their pop-up bar 'The Ministry of Moonshine', before launching a 1920s themed speakeasy in the heart of Leeds in 2018. 

Alongside the frivolities of their Tailor shop by day, Speakeasy by night, the dynamic duo launched their signature house spirit Tailors Gin - a bespoke London Dry Gin, complemented with a hint of bergamot, and finished in a ceramic bottle, waxed by hand.


Drapers England has been 24 months in creation, from research and development, through to recipe creation, botanical balancing, flavour and texture refinement, colour testing and fine tuning the aromatic notes to produce a double category award winning collection – recognised in the IWSC’s 2021 awards.  

For more information and to contact the Drapers England team, please email

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